A 3 days holiday. It might seem quite a little to discover all the beauties Capri island has to offer, but it’s not. There’s plenty of things to turn your holiday into a unique experience. So, let’s get started.

Day 1 – You’ve just arrived. Let’s say it’s early afternoon. You’ve checked in, taken a look around the hotel and the room you’ve been assigned, maybe had a shower to get refreshed after the long journey. Now, the whole holiday is ahead.

Have you ever experienced that sensation like ‘I’ve got plenty of time to do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do?’, and you risk spending hours of your precious and well deserved holiday staring at the wall? Yes, that’s it. That’s exactly that moment.

Sun is bright and shining, but it’s getting late to go to the beach… after all you don’t know the island and don’t know where to go. But it seems very beautiful outside and you feel like going out.

So, here’s our suggestion. Get off the hotel and take a relaxing stroll around picturesque Anacapri town. Sit at one of the many little bars in the hight street, Via Giuseppe Orlandi, sit at a table and savour a home made fresh lemonade or a delicious ice cream. Enjoy the dazzling colours of the cozy artisanal workshops dotting both sides of the street.

Anacapri | Capri | Italy

Continue along Via Orlandi until you found yourself in Via Axel Munthe. Visit Villa San Michele and get stunned by the breathtaking view over the gulf of Naples. That’s really quite something!

Anacapri | Capri | Italy

It’s aperitif time. Go back to the town centre. Get delighted by the shades of colours sunset donates. Outside is nice and warm. The ideal wether for a dinner under a lemon tree, a flowery courtyard or a terrace overlooking the sea.

Day 2 – You’ve just woken up from a long and relaxing sleep. Sun is shining and you’re excited about your new whole holiday day that’s only about to begin.

A piece of delicious hand made cake for breakfast to get the day started? Good choice!

Now that you feel strong and sound, you may want to hike along on of the most beautiful trails in the whole island and the surroundings: the Forts Trail. A natural path along the coastline dotted with the many forts the English and Frenchs soldiers built at the time they were fighting each other at the beginning of the 19th century. Words cannot describe the beauty that your eyes will see at every corner of this unique walk.

Capri | Italy

End this tour at ‘The Lighthouse‘, the far south-western corner of the island, where you will relax at the local beach club or at one of the small beach bars and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. We recommend you stay there all day long, to experience the spectacle of the sunset drinking a ice cold beer or a glass of white wine.

Anacapri | Capri | Faro

Day 3 – Fancy another day at the beach? Good. This time you may want to take a look at the famous south bay of the island: Marina Piccola bay.

Whether you wish to experience a direct contact with nature (the rocks, a towel and the island’s crystal blue waters), or lie down onto on of the many beach clubs’ sun beds, that’s the right place for you. Whatever you go for, it will make your day!!!


As you’re in Capri town, you might want to take a walk down Via Camerelle, Capri’s glamorous high-street, where celebrities and VIPs usually spend their shopping time. From here, you may want to continue along Via Tragara: a round terrace right above the Faraglioni rocks will give you one of the most romantic and beautiful views over the Mediterranean sea.

Marina Piccola

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