Capri e Anacapri. The towns the island of Capri is made of. No more than 3km. from one another, yet characterised by a completely different vibe.


Capri town’s centre rises at the bottom of the mount on the top of which a castle was erected during the Middle Age, and then gently slopes down the picturesque fisherman’s village on the northern side, and the beautiful Marina Piccola bay on the southern side.


Anacapri stretches all the way down the south-western side of the island. Stunning, breathtaking views are the norm in this corner of the island.


Two very different, yet fascinating places, then. Capri is renowned for its glamorous atmosphere. Luxury boutiques, fancy night clubs and restaurants lining up the high-street’s side.


Anacapri has a very authentic taste. Its streets and alleys being crowded by small artisanal workshops, traditional cuisine restaurants, bars and bistrots. Live music is norm here. The scent of local flowers and greenery filling the air.


A very relaxed atmosphere, which those who wish to enjoy a real Mediterranean experience will certainly love. Going back to the frantic rhythms of the everyday life being not easy.


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