Capri is internationally renowned as ‘the blue island‘. There is a reason for that. Its blue crystal waters. Something you might want to spend ours of your holidays.

Differently from the other islands and places in the Gulf of Naples, e.g. Ischia and Procida islands and Sorrento, Capri is a calcareous island.

There are no shores, apart from the one stretching along the northern coastline by the port and the other located along the southern coastline, in Marina Piccola bay. And they are made of pebbles. No sand can be found around the whole island.



Beach clubs are literally built or carved into the rocks. Basically, Capri is a big chunk of rock emerging from the sea, just like such Greek islands as Santorini. Differently from these, Capri is covered with luxuriant nature.


The sea bottom is made of rocks as well. So, the complete absence of sand keeps the water’s natural colour alive.

Capri the blue island, then. Blue is the Grotto, due to a peculiar play of sunlight which turns blue everything is immersed into the cave’s waters. And blue is the lizard, the only existing specimen in the entire with this pigmentation, which dwells the Faraglioni rocks.


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