It’s time to book your holidays. Capri island is a whole world to discover. A world of many beautiful things to do and see that you will always remember. Each and everyone of such things in turn represents a reason to come back.

Sparkling blue-green waters, wonderful trails leading to spectacular views, marvellous surroundings to discover. Beauty all around.


Capri is in fact right in the middle of the gulf of Naples, which allows visitors to reach such places as Ischia island, Procida island, the city of Naples itself, Pompeii, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast in just a bunch of minutes.

Speaking of Capri, Hotel Senaria is located in the heart of Anacapri town’s historic centre. A very picturesque place. The ideal location to live a real Mediterranean experience.

An intimate and romantic location, far from Capri town’s fancy rustle duzzle, which is still something worth of experiencing.


Hotel Senaria is just a bunch of minutes from such amazing places as the Lighthouse and the Blue Grotto.  Places you will almost certainly fall in love with.


These places you can reach by bus (the bus station being close by), taxi or just walking. The most beautiful views will disclose right in front of your eyes.

Still, you may want to go down to Capri town. Fancy beach clubs, known for being elegant V.I.P destinations, nestle in the rocks of the island’s south bay, Marina Piccola.

As said above, Capri is also the ideal place for trekking lovers. Dozens of hidden paths and trails run through the whole island. As for Capri you can walk up to Villa Jovis, the mansion Emperor Tiberius had it built to rule over his empire. Or you may walk down the Pizzolungo trail, which offers a unique view over Marina Piccola Bay.

As for Anacapri, there is a very special one. The Forts trail. A real travel in history through the island’s luxuriant nature. The path runs along Anacapri’s coastline, from the Grotta Azzurra all the way to wonderful Punta Carena. The route is scattered with forts built 3 centuries ago when the English and French armies fought against each other.