Capri is not just the Summer razzle-dazzle. There is a lot more than crowdy streets and crazy night-life. And this is to be found in September.

Truth to be told, Anacapri town, where hotel Senaria is located, has always being characterised by a different, more original and genuine vibe than its twin sister – Capri town, indeed.

By the way, such version of Capri is made of art, museums, events, trails leading to wonderful hidden spots, stunning food to be enjoyed in the open fresh air, quiet, not to mention the crystal blue-green waters.

Hotel Senaria

Capri in September, and the same can be said about October, is the epitome of the real Mediterranean holiday. No extravagance. No lavish luxury. During this time of the year, Capri is just about grace and a breathtaking landscape.

That’s the same atmosphere to be enjoyed in May and early June, when the local nature blossoms and the scent of flowers fills the air. In September, such nature gets slowly enriched with warm nuances.

Hotel Senaria

And warm is the weather. Definitely not like August sweltering heat, September is the ideal to spend an entire day around the island. No humidity, no queuing to visit the many natural and cultural wonders Capri is renowned for.

September is the ideal time to fall in love with Capri and live a real Mediterranean experience.