A lazy Sunday evening. The ideal moment to start your holiday in Capri. That’s true for a number of reasons. The island just empties. No crowdNo chaos. No congestion. Those who landed on tis shores to spend the week end go back to the city. Daily tourists leave.

A calm and relaxed atmosphere takes over. Go to Naples of Sorrento’s port, which are stormed with tourists during the day, and you will find no one. Few people board the ship and there is no risk of finding no tickets to the island.

Capri’s port is calm, too. There is no queue at the taxi, funicular and bus stations. Everything is smooth, so that the holiday start is simply stressless.

In fact, what’s the end of the story for most people turns out to be the start of an exciting experience for few lucky ones. What’s more, the day after your arrival at the Senaria hotel  is Monday – which is quite different from, say, a chaotic Saturday afternoon. Quiet is the norm. Beach clubs can be pleasantly enjoyed.

The same goes for restaurants and bars. Either you want to have lunch/dinner outside or inside there is no need to wait ages before sitting at the table.

So what are you waiting for. Book your holiday at the Senaria hotel and enjoy wonderful Capri island!!!

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