Want to know what to do in Capri island during your holidays? Here is a clue: the wonderful Fort Trails!!! One of the most stunning experience to live in Capri island. A magnificent trail running along the coastline from the Blue Grotto to Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Located in three different places, Orrico, Pino and Mesola, these forts were built in 1806 by the English Army and then controlled by the Frenchs as they conquered the island in 1808.

The path can be walked from the Blue Grotto to the Lighthouse and the other way round and it takes around 3 hours to be completed, depending on how fast you are.

The forts were built for military purposes as their function was to guard Capri’s coastline. The first one you’ll encounter starting from the Blue Grotto is the Orrico fort.


A semicircular building at a distance of about 300mt. from the Blue Grotto. Two cannon holes positioned in a way that cannon balls intercepted the ones shot from the nearby fort, the Mesola fort. It is thought that this fort was once a kind of Greek or Roman dock because of some findings dating to that times.


The last fort is the Pino fort. The closest one to the Lighthouse. Located on the south-western corner of the island it offers a spectacular view over the Mediterranean Sea. It is renowned for the magic of its sunsets, to enjoy while sipping a well crafted drink sitting at one of the bars available. Definitely worth taking a look.


Hotel Senaria is at walking distance from the bus stations to the Lighthouse and the Blue Grotto. You do not need to do anything but board the bus and ask the driver to drop you by the start of the trail.

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